Hot water is an essential commodity in our daily lives. Its uses range from hand washing to dish cleaning to bathing and beyond. Of course, hot water must run through a water heater, using more energy than cold water. So it comes as no surprise that water heaters account for approximately 17 percent of our home’s energy use, using much more compared to many other household appliances, which led to the emergence of on-demand water supply heaters.

On-demand water heaters are devices that heat water directly for use without the incorporation of a storage tank. Other names include:

  • Tank-less water heater
  • Continuous flow water heater
  • Instantaneous water heater

How an On-Demand Water Heater Works

Water is heated as it runs through and retains no internal energy. However, the heat exchanger coil retains a small amount of heat. Of the several types of on-demand water heaters, Copper heat exchangers are the most preferred as they have high thermal conductivity and some good degrees of easiness in fabrication.


There is a no specific location in your house an in-demand water heater must be installed, and you can have several units in different places convenient to kitchens and bathrooms.

The number one benefit of on-demand water heaters is the continuous flow of hot water. No more taking a hot shower only to lose heat and rush out before it gets icy cold.

Before purchasing an on-demand water heater, consider the following factors:

  • Size
  • Fuel type and availability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Initial and maintenance costs

We've Got 'Em

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