What is Gas Conversion?

What is gas conversion? Gas conversion is the conversion of an existing energy source like fuel oil, propane, or electricity to gas. Why should you change over to natural gas? There is a surprising number of good reasons. Changing over to gas can be convenient, affordable, and beneficial for you. 


In most areas of the country natural gas is cheaper, much more economical to use than electricity, fuel oil, or propane. Also, natural gas does not require a storage tank on the property or require delivery by truck. This means no costly tank repairs or truck delivery issues. Some people have saved 40% or more by switching to natural gas. So, your conversion to natural gas pays for itself and more in very little time.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is more efficient and also a cleaner fuel to burn than almost any other. Heating oil prices fluctuate constantly and heating oil smells. Natural gas leaves no odor or residue after use. Expensive and environmentally dangerous spills are possible when using fuel oil. Natural gas also allows you to use natural gas appliances that add value and convenience to your home or business. There is a large domestic supply of natural gas, so its price is not subject to international events as the price of oil often is. Natural gas is reliable and has a great safety record.

Affordable and Convenient 

The conversion of your household or business to natural gas is surprisingly affordable and the professionals at Parkey's make it easy and convenient as well! Parkey's has been servicing the entire Colorado Springs area since 1961, providing customers with Honesty, Integrity, and Lasting Value for generations. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for those problems that just can't wait. Contact Parkey's in Colorado Springs, Colorado today for more information on gas conversion or for any of your other heating, plumbing, or air conditioning needs!